There is / There are – Beginner ESL/ EFL Lesson Plan (A1) – My Home

Lesson Goals: At the end of the following lesson students will learn the difference between there is and there are, and how to use them in order to talk about the rooms in their home and the things in their rooms.
Target Grammar: There is/ There are
Focus Vocabulary: Rooms in the house/ furniture

Lesson Presentation:

1. Listen to Michelle’s story and fill in the blanks.

My family and I live in a ____________. There is a kitchen, a big living-room, a bathroom and two ____________ in the house. I ____________ my room. It’s ____________ and there are many ____________ in it. There is a ____________ carpet on the floor. My dog likes to play on the ____________, and there are many toys on it.

2. Mark the sentences T for true, and F for false.

  1. Michelle doesn’t love her room.
  2. There is a pink carpet on the floor.
  3. The dog doesn’t like to play on the carpet.
  4. The dog likes to play on the floor.


Saying that something exists:

We use there is/ there are to say that something exists.

There is(1 thing)
  • a book
  • an apple
  • There is a book on the table.
  • There is an apple on the table.
There are(2+ things)
  • 2 books
  • apples
  • There are 2 books on the table.
  • There are apples on the table.

Asking questions

Is there(1 thing)
  • a book
  • Is there a book on the table?
Are there (2+ things)
  • apples
  • Are there apples on the table?

Lesson Practice:

1. Look at the picture. Write the words in the box.

there is there are English Lesson plan my home- what is in my a room - an image with different furniture in a room

2. What is there in your room? Read in pairs and fill in the blanks.

Use: Yes, there is./ Yes, there are./ Is there?/ Are there?/ No, there isn’t./ No, there aren’t.

A: __________ many toys in my room. __________ toys in your room?
B: __________. My dog likes to play with them. __________ a desk in your room?
A: __________. __________ books, pens and things I need for school on my desk. __________ a sofa in your room?
B: __________. It’s in the living-room. __________ a big bed in my room. __________ paintings on the walls in your room?

Lesson Production:

1. Ask your partner about their home. Is there a living-room, a kitchen, and a bathroom in the home? Are there 3 bedrooms in the home? What is there in his/ her room?