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Inspirational Ideas and Techniques in English Vocabulary Teaching

Teaching English vocabulary can be challenging especially when working with beginner esl/ efl students.You may find yourself even more challenged if your class consists of students (adults or otherwise) of multiple nationalities and backgrounds because different people have different ways of memorizing vocabulary in a foreign language by creating their individual associations and personal techniques for acquiring and building vocabulary.
[adrotate banner=”8″] There are some obvious things an ESL teacher can do in class to help students memorize. Flash cards, pictures, word games, crosswords are among the first things that come to mind when it is time for a vocabulary class or exercise. All of these are effective techniques, and an important part in English language teaching, but the list does not end here.

It is fair to mention that for learners it is especially easy to memorize and create associations for new vocabulary when the process is fun, and engaging.

Here are a couple of ideas which can help you spice up your class, and bring in some more fun and engagement when teaching English vocabulary.

The “What’s Missing?” English Vocabulary Game

The “I am an Actor” English Vocabulary Games