English Lesson Plan – Future Continuous (B2)

Free English Lesson Plan For ESL Teachers - Future Continuous

[adrotate banner=”7″] [adrotate banner=”12″] Free ESL lesson plan – Future Continuous The following English lesson plan focuses on Future Continuous and is suitable for B2 (intermediate – advanced) English learners. Answer Sheet is available below. Presentation 1. Listen to the text and draw an airport map. Next week I will be going to Helsinki for … Read more

Past Continuous Explained – Formation, Usage and Grammar Practice (B1)

Past continous explained - formation, usage and grammar practice

[adrotate banner=”12″] This is a free grammar lesson level (B1) available to ESL teachers to help them teach English Grammar easier. Below you will find detailed explanation on Past Continuous (Past Progressive) tense and see how to form, and when to use it. There are some exercises which will help you practice the current grammar … Read more

Teaching English Grammar – Be Going To + Infinitive (A2)

Teaching English Grammar – Be Going To + Infinitive (A2) – Grammar Explained Having troubles teaching BE GOING + INFINITIVE (VERB)? Look at the explanations and exercises below. They will give you some ideas and guide you. Please note that the activities in this section are for elementary level students, and correspond to level A2 … Read more

Free ESL Lesson Plan – Can vs Could (A2)

free esl lesson plan can - could

Free ESL Lesson Plan – Can/ Could – Birthdays and Presents Lesson Goals: The following lesson is suitable for students of A2 level of English. This lesson will teach them the difference between and the usage of CAN and COULD. Also, the students will learn English vocabulary on birthdays and presents. Target Grammar: Can vs … Read more

Tenses in English – Past Continuous English Lesson Plan (A2)

Tenses in English – Past Continuous English Lesson Plan

Past Continuous (Past Progressive) English Lesson Plan – Studying and Exams The following English lesson plan targets Past Continuous Tense in English Language and is suitable for ESL/ EFL teachers working with students of A2 level. The Answer Sheet is available for download below. Lesson Goals:  At the end of this lesson, students should know … Read more

Talking about hobbies in English – A Lesson for Beginners (A1)

hobbies lesson plan for esl teachers

English Lesson Plan On Hobbies – Love/ Hate/ Like Lesson Goals: In this lesson, the students will learn how to talk about things they like/ love, or hate. In the end, they should be able to talk about their hobbies as well. Target English Grammar: Verb + ing: like/hate/love Target English Vocabulary: Hobbies *You can … Read more