A2 Level EFL/ ESL Lesson: Short (Contracted) Forms; Talking about Oneself: Hobbies and Interests

Contacted Forms Hobbies Like Doing

Grammar: Short forms (Using apostrophe for contractions); like + ing (review)Target Vocabulary: Talking about oneself: Hobbies and Interests Lesson Presentation 1. Read the text and answer the questions. What am I? Hello, my name’s Ron, and I’m two years old but I’m not a child. I live with Patrick. He’s my friend. He’s a twenty-two-year-old … Read more

A2 Lower Intermediate English Lesson Plan – Phrasal Verbs – Work and Daily Activities

esl efl lesson plan for teachers - a2 lower intermediate English Lesson Plan - Phrasal Verbs - Work and daily activities

ESL/ EFL A2 Lower Intermediate English Lesson Plan Lesson Functions: Phrasal VerbsTarget Vocabulary: Work and Daily Activities 7 pages (cover and credits page included) ready to print and go: Presentation: 1. Listen to the text. Fill in the blanks. (Voice Message)Hi, Amy. It’s mom. Listen, our car broke down. Sorry, but you have to go … Read more

How Questions EFL/ESL Lesson Plan (A2) – Natural World

Lower Intermediate English Lesson Plan for ESL and EFL teachers - How questions - Natural World

ESL/ EFL lower intermediate lesson plan (A2) – How questions (How long, how far etc.) – Nature Lesson Functions: How questions Target Vocabulary: Natural World [adrotate banner=”12″] [adrotate banner=”7″] Presentation: 1. Listen to the text and choose a title for each paragraph from the box. Gianna likes hiking and being outdoors. She always goes on … Read more

Modals – Have To – A2 Lower Intermediate ESL/ EFL lesson plan – Daily Activities

A2 Lower Intermediate English Lesson and ESL Lesson plan - Modals - Have to

A2 English Lesson plan for ESL/ EFL teachers – Modals – Have to Lesson goals: At the end of this lesson, students will learn how and when to use have to. Target Grammar: Modals/ Have to [adrotate banner=”12″] Target Vocabulary: Daily activities (at home, at work, outside) [adrotate banner=”7″] PRESENTATION 1. Listen to Aaron’s story … Read more

A2 English Lesson – Present Perfect Tense – My Family

English Lesson Plan for ESL teachers A2 - Present Perfect Tense - My family

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