Conditionals 2nd and 3rd – English Lesson Plan (B1)

Conditional Sentences, 2nd and 3rd type

How to teach conditional sentences (2nd and 3rd types)? Conditional sentences – Sports and Games An Intermediate English lesson plan By the end of this lesson students should know how to form and use conditional sentences (2nd and 3rd type) and be able to talk about sports. Target Grammar: Conditionals, 2nd and 3rd Target Vocabulary: Sports … Read more

Going to + Infinitive English Lesson Plan (A2) – Planning My Weekend

Going to + infinitive English Lesson Plan for Lower Intermediate English learners - Planning my weekend

Going to + Inf. English Lesson Plan For Lower Intermediate Learners (A2) Planning My Weekend Lesson Goals: At the end of this English lesson, the students should be able to use “be going to” in order to explain what their plans are for the future. Target Grammar: be going to+infinitive verbs(usage: intention, prediction) Target Vocabulary: leisure/ … Read more

Possessive ‘s, s’ English Lesson Plan (A2)

Possessive s English Lesson Plan - My family

Possessive ‘s, s’ – A2 English Lesson Plan – Family Members Lesson goals: At the end of this English lesson, the students should learn and be able to use vocabulary identifying the different members of the family. They will be able to recognize and use –s’, and –‘s in order to indicate possession. Target Grammar: Possessive ‘s, … Read more