Prepositions Of Time (at, on, in) A1 English Lesson Plan – On Vacation

A1 Prepositions Of Time beginner English Lesson - ESL lesson plan A1
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Lesson Goals: At the end of the lesson students will learn how to use prepositions of time correctly. Also, they will learn important vocabulary about traveling and vacations.

Target English Grammar: Prepositions of time – on, in, at

Target English Vocabulary: Vacations and traveling
Answer Sheet available for download below.



1. Listen to the text and fill in the blanks.

Usually, we go on vacation in the ……….. This ……….. we are going on 15th of ……….. We leave ……….. on ……….. at 8 o’clock in the …………
The plane to ……….. leaves at 9.30. We arrive there at ……….., and in the ……….. at 2.30 we are going to the …………

2. Mark the sentences T for true, and F for false.
1. We are going on vacation on 15th of April.
2. We leave home at 9.30 in the morning.
3. The plane to London leaves at 9 o’clock in the morning.
4. We arrive at lunchtime in London.

Grammar Box

We use prepositions of time (in/ on/ at) to say when something is happening.
on + days of the week and dates
Examples: On 15 of April, On Monday
in + times of the day, months, seasons, years
See you in the morning!
I was born in June.
We are going to the sea in the summer.
at + the weekend, hours, breakfast, lunch, dinner


I will see you at 3 o’clock. We meet at lunch today.


1. Underline the correct preposition of time in the brackets.

1. The train arrives (on, at, in) 3 o’clock.
2. We have to catch the plane (at, on, in) Monday.
3. We are going on a holiday (in, at, on) the summer.
4. I am going back to the hotel (at, on, in) the evening.

2. Underline the words that we use with ‘at’.

/ 2 o’clock / Friday / morning / dinner / 2012 / 24th of June / March / winter / Wednesday evening /lunch


1. Write 3 sentences using the words from exercise 2 (Practice).
2. You are going on vacation. Write a vacation plan in 5 sentences.

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