Passive Voice – B1 Intermediate English Lesson Plan – Communication + Idioms

English Lesson Plans for ESL and EFL teachers - B1 Intermediate English Lesson - Passive Voice and Communication Idioms

ESL/ EFL intermediate lesson plan (B1) – Passive Voice

Lesson Functions: Passive Voice
Target Vocabulary: Communication + Idioms
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1. Listen to the texts and fill in the blanks:

Tower Bridge

By the end of the 19th century, London had turned into a thriving and __________. Its inhabitants were moving around, and since London Bridge was the only bridge over the Thames until then, the need for a new one was becoming __________.

The Internet

Simply put, the Internet, as we know it, is a global network of computers linked together that___________. Currently, it is one of the most convenient ways to access information (news, blogs, podcasts), to contact friends and family (e-mail, messengers), and entertain oneself.

2. Answer the questions:

  1. What do the Internet and Tower Bridge have in common?
  2. Why was another bridge over the Themes needed at the end of the 19th century?
  3. What is the Internet?

3. Match the idioms with their meaning:

beat around the bush to talk to someone briefly
touch base informal oral communication
word of mouth to not say something directly (usually when it’s bad news)
  • Grammar Box:

be + the past participle of the verb

We use Passive Voice

1. When the object is more important than the subject.
2. When the subject is unknown.

passive voice n English - B1 English Lesson Plan
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1. Change the verbs to make passive:.

to recommend
have promised
had announced

2. Change the active voice to passive voice:

  1. The architects approved the design.
  2. The robot picked up the receiver, and dialed a number.
  3. I received an important e-mail this morning.
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1. Write a small text (up to 15 sentences) using at least four of the idioms from the box:

drop me a line | beat around the bush | get straight to the point |

keep me posted | word of mouth | touch base

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