May, Might And Adverbs Of Probability Lesson Plan (B1)

B1 English lesson plan – Adverbs of Probability

The following ESL Lesson plan is suitable for English teachers who work with B1 level students. The lesson is about adverbs of probability (may, might). Below you will find the Answer Sheet containing the correct answers to the exercises included in this lesson plan.

Target Grammar: Adverbs of Probability
Target Vocabulary: Education


1. Think about your friends and family:

  1. Who will probably go to college/ university?
  2. Who may become an elementary school teacher?
  3. Who may start taking German/ Italian classes?
  4. Who will probably do well in economics/ math/ essay writing?
  5. Is there anyone who might be a good football coach?
  6. Who may one day be an exchange student?

2. Read the situations 1 and 2. What do you think might happen to each student?

Last semester, I started taking German classes. They are twice a week, and we have long homework every time. I always do my homework and study the new words. The grammar is hard, though. So, everything I write, I need to revise. I hope to be able to prepare well for the final test, even though I don’t have enough time to study.

My best friend and I decided to take dancing lessons. It seemed like a fun thing to do but frankly, I am terrible at it. It takes me quite long to get the steps than all the rest of the students, and I need twice as much time to practice. Our coach says I am doing fine but she is just being nice, and probably does not want to discourage me. I’m really disappointed in myself and don’t know whether to just quit or keep practicing and see what happens.

3. Listen to the conversation. Underline the correct word in each sentence.

Currently, audio is not available. The teacher needs to read to the class.

  1. Dominic is studying law/ economics.
  2. Mike used to be really good at sports/ biology.
  3. Mike may become a writer/ doctor.
  4. Mike will probably become a doctor/ coach.
  5. Besides karate, Dominic is practicing football/ hockey.
  6. Dominic has been to Japan/ Jamaica as an exchange student.


1. Match the words.

attend – example
give –  class
get  – a paper
hand in –  discouraged
show  – a degree
get –  progress

2. Fill in the blanks with the words from exercise 4.

  1. My dream is to get a ……….. in mathematics. I may become a scientist afterwards.
  2. She will probably get really ………….. after she sees the test results.
  3. When explaining something, try to ………. an example.
  4. The ………. in essay writing she is showing, is just incredible.
  5. The deadline for ………… in the literature paper is Nov 12th. I, probably, won’t make it.
  6. Susan may want to go to the cinema, but I have a class to ……….. this afternoon.

Grammar box

Adverbs of Probability – Usage:

We use may and might to talk about what will possibly happen in the future, or is possible in the present. They express the same meaning as maybe will.

E.g. I might have a piece of that cake in the fridge.  (present)
         Shridhar may visit us tomorrow. (future)

We can also use will+ adverbs of probability to show the same meaning.

E.g. I will probably call you tomorrow.

3. Put the words in the correct order.

  1. if/ take she/ an year/to/ join/ the/ a week/ for/ class/ she/ wants/ need/ to/ / piano/ lessons/ may/ twice/ at least/
  2. decide/ Penny/ apply/ might/ study/ to/ program/for/ the/ abroad/
  3. showing/ Iliana/ is/ progress./ might/ homework./start/ her/ harder/ giving/ I/
  4. Drew/ the/ will/ attend/ lecture/ afternoon/ probably/
  5. not/ on/ be/ to/ hand/ may/ in/ her/ homework/ time/ she/ able/
  6. grading/ hard/ tests/ be/ doing/ is/ boring/ but/ them/ may/


1. Prepare a short talk on one of the following topics. Make sure you cover all the points.

2. Make a list of the things that might happen to you in terms of education in the next 10 years.

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