How Much / How Many ESL Lesson Plan (A1)

Free Lesson Plan for English Teachers - Countable and Uncountable Nouns - How much and How many - Foods

How much/ how many ESL/ EFL lesson plan – Countable and Uncountable Nouns – Food

This is a free online English lesson plan for English teachers working with students of A1 (beginner) level. You can download the lesson plan as .pdf. The Answer Sheet is available for download at the bottom of the page.

Lesson Goals: At the end of the lesson, the students should be familiar with the main difference between countable and uncountable nouns. They will learn how to use much and many with some level appropriate vocabulary for foods. They will be able to conduct a simple conversation at the grocery store.

Target Grammar: How much/how many

Target Vocabulary: Food


1. Listen and fill in the blanks.

Please note, there are no audio files available for this fill in the blanks exercise. The teacher must read the text for their students. If you are interested in lesson plans that include audio files, please feel free to visit our shop.
Husband: I am going to the _________________. What do we need?

Wife: Buy _________________, please. Also, we need potatoes. Buy two kilograms.

Husband: What about some fruit?

Wife: Sure, buy oranges, _________________.

Husband: Anything else?

Wife: I want a cake from the _________________.

Husband: Chocolate cake?

Wife: Yes. Also, coffee. _________________.

Husband: OK.

2. Mark the statements T for true and F for false.

  1. The husband is going to the supermarket. _____
  2. He will buy some sugar, and tomatoes. _____
  3. The wife wants two kilograms of potatoes. _____
  4. She wants chocolate cake. _____
  5. They don’t need any fruit. _____
  6. The husband will not buy bananas. _____
  7. The wife is going shopping, too. _____
  8. The wife doesn’t drink coffee. _____

3. Answer the following questions.

1. What do the husband and wife need from the supermarket?


2. Who is going shopping?


3. How much sugar will the husband buy?


4. How many tomatoes will he buy?


5. What kind of cake does the wife like?


6. How many oranges will the husband buy?


4. Circle the food that we count.

coffee bread pizza cheese tomato rice orange potato cake sandwich tea chocolate

Grammar Box

How many?
Countable nouns are nouns (things) we can count.
For example: flowers, tomatoes, etc.

We use a or an before a noun we can count.
For example: a potato, an orange.
(It means one potato, one orange.)

How much?

Uncountable nouns are nouns (things) we cannot count.
For example: sugar, rice, etc.

We use some before a noun we cannot count.
For example: some sugar, some rice.


We use MANY with the plural form of the verb “To Be” (“are”)!

We use MUCH with the singular form of the verb “To Be” (“is”)!


1. Look at the answer in brackets. Complete the question. Use much or many.

For example: How much sugar do you need?-Half a kilo.

  1. How _____________ oranges are there? (There are twenty oranges.)
  2. How _____________ sugar do we need? (We don’t need any sugar.)
  3. How _____________ potatoes did you buy? (About 10.)
  4. How _____________ rice is there? (Not much.)
  5. How _____________ apples are there in your basket? (Seven.)
  6. How _____________ bread do you eat? (Oh, I eat a lot of bread.)

2. Underline the correct word.

For example: I don’t have many/ much apples.

  1. We don’t have that many/ much potatoes.
  2. I bought so many/ much sugar yesterday.
  3. How many/ much tomatoes are there in the basket?
  4. How many/ much rice did you buy?
  5. There is too many/ much coffee in the cup.
  6. How many/ much water do you drink every day?
  7. Are there many/ much bananas?
  8. There isn’t many/ much tea.

3. Put the conversations in order.

Johan: Yes, two kilos of bananas. Shopkeeper: OK, anything else?
Johan: Hello, I’d like some sugar, please! Shopkeeper: Sure, here you are.
Johan: One kilo, please. Shopkeeper: How much sugar?
Leo: I want 5 tomatoes, please. Shopkeeper: Sorry, we don’t have any coffee.
Leo: Oh, OK. Shopkeeper: How may I help you?
Leo: And some coffee, please. Shopkeeper: OK, here you are.

4. Look at the answers. Write questions.

For example: I’d like some sugar, please. (What would you like?)

1. I want 4 oranges.

2. No, we don’t have much coffee.


3. I eat 2 apples every day.


4. She wants to buy one kilo of rice.


5. I have three bananas.


6. He wants two sandwiches.



1. Role play.

At the grocery store. Student A is the client. He or she wants to buy apples, oranges and rice. Student B is the shopkeeper. He or she is out of apples.

2. Writing.

You are going shopping. Make a list of the things you need to buy and how much/ many of each thing you need. Report to the class.

For example: I want to buy two apples, and some tea.

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