B2 Upper Intermediate EFL/ESL Lesson Plan: Asking for/ giving permissions – At work

ESL Lesson Level B2 (Upper Intermediate), Grammar Focus: Asking for/ Giving Permissions; Vocabulary Focus: At Work

ESL/ EFL B2 Upper Intermediate English Lesson

Lesson Functions: Asking for/ giving permissions
Target Vocabulary: At Work
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1. Listen to the text. Fill in the blanks.

Rina is trying to get her dream job as Assistant Editor in a magazine. Currently, she is doing an internship in a financial newspaper. However, _____ _____ there is very fast, and the deadlines are very strict. She has to_______ ____ _____ wisely in order to finish all tasks on time. She must never be late more than ten minutes or else she will miss the morning meeting. Rina is not allowed to leave early because many people are _________ ___ her.
Some of her responsibilities include researching and determining _____ ______________ for new clients, running reports, and submitting analyses. She must be very careful, and pay attention because the information is of___________ ____________.

2. Rina is asking her adviser/ manager some questions. Connect them with the answers.

May I be late with my report? OK, but just this time.
I have to go to the library tomorrow.
Can I miss the morning meeting?
No, I need the report on time.
Could you run the reports for me? No, it is an important meeting. But you can go afterwards.

3. Mark the statements T for true and F for false.

  1. Rina’s dream job is an Editor in a magazine.
  2. Rina wants to work for a fashion magazine.
  3. Working for a financial newspaper seems stressful.

Grammar Box:

Grammar: Giving/ Asking for permission; can, could, may, level B2
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1. Answer the questions.

                       Column A                    Column B
May I be excused? No, you ……………
Can Sam and I miss a class on Friday? Yes, you ………. but only if your mother has agreed.
Could I ask another question, please? Sure, you ……….

2. Put the sentences in order.

  1. on the/ we/ start/ working/ now?/ new/ can/ movie/
  2. these/ may/ the/ folders?/ places/ of/ two/ I/ change/
  3. apply/ can/ position/ students/ the / in/ department?/ your/ for/


1. You are a new hire in a company. You want to:

  • Open the window
  • Leave early on Friday
  • Get 10 days off during summer.

Ask your boss using may/ can/ could.

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