Class Activities – The “I am an Actor” English Vocabulary Game

English Vocabulary Games and Glass Activities - I am an actor vocabulary game
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Teaching Strategies and Class Activities – Teaching Vocabulary With Games

The “I am an Actor” Vocabulary Game.

This game is especially suitable if you are teaching action verbs or professions. Of course you can make it work for any type of English vocabulary you can come up with.

The best thing about this game is that you can work with more vocabulary at a time, as opposed to the “What’s Missing Game”, where there are certain limitations. With more pictures on the stack you avoid too much repetition of the same vocabulary, and the game is more fun.
[adrotate banner=”8″] So, if you would like to get your students moving, separate your class into smaller groups of 4 or 5 people. Give each group a stack of pictures portraying the vocabulary you are teaching. For a group of 5 people you can make a stack of 12 to 15 pictures depending on how long the game will be played. In any case, make sure that every student within the small group gets to act at least 3 times. Ask the students to place the stack of pictures on the desk face down, and take turns. Each student takes a picture and acts out what they see. No talking is allowed while acting. Then the rest of the students within the group are to find out what the word for the action is. Whoever guesses first gets a point/ star. Again, this is a competition game, which is also very funny and creative. The longer it is played, the easier it becomes for the students to figure out the vocabulary. This is a good vocabulary game which helps create associations in a fun way.

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