Business English Lesson Plan – Applying For A Job

Business English Lesson Plan for ESL and EFL teachers - Applying For A Job

ESL/ EFL upper intermediate to advanced lesson plan (B2-C1) – Business English

Lesson Functions: Formation of Negative Adjectives
Target Vocabulary: Employment
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1. Listen to the text and correct the mistakes:

Voice Message

“Hey, Clara! I have very good new for you. I know you’ve been unemployed for some time…

Well, my company is look for Public Relations Specialist, and I thought you’d be perfectly for the position! Responsibilities are pretty standard: you will need to planned and manage the PR campaigns, to create the promotionally materials, create and deliver the press releases. I think you also meet most, if not all of the requirements: MA in Marketing or PR, some relevant background, great communicate skills.

Anyway, if you decide to apply, drop me a line as soon as possible.”


2. Listen to the voice message one more time. Answer the following questions:

  1. Who is leaving the voice message?
  2. What is her relationship with Clara?
  3. Will the position fit Clara’s background?


3. Choose the appropriate prefix to make the opposite:

ir- | non- | il- | un- | in- | dis- | im-
perfect _________________
standard _________________
relevant _________________
  • Grammar Box:

To form an adjective with a negative (opposite) meaning, we add prefixes in front of the word.
Even though there is no set rule for forming negative adjectives, there are a couple of useful tips:

business English Lesson Plan - Applying for a job and Formation of Negative Adjectives

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1. Choose the correct prefix to make the negative of the word:

ir- | non- | il- | un- | in- | dis- | im-

2. Fill in the blanks with the words from the box:

apply | recruitment | pressure | unprepared | experience | requirements
  1. We are looking for a person with at least 3 years of hands-on ________________.
  2. To ________________for the position, please click on the link below.
  3. Make sure you meet all the ________________, and then start preparing your Cover Letter.


1. Make a list of 14 words starting with the prefixes from the box. When ready, make a sentence with each one:

ir- | non- | il- | un- | in- | dis- | im-

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