B2 Level EFL/ ESL Lesson: Job Interviews; Adj. + enough

How to Prepare for a Job Interview?

Here is an Upper Intermediate English Lesson Plan (B2) that will help you teach:
Target Grammar: Adjectives/ Adverbs + enough
Target Vocabulary: Job Interviews

Note: The Answer Sheet for this English Lesson plan is available for download below.


1. Listen to the text and fill in the blanks.

The 5 Job Interview Tips that will Land you the Job

Do you get nervous before a job interview? Are you worried that you will not be …………………………… well enough? Worry no more! With the next 5 tips you will be able to crash that dream job interview, and make even the most demanding recruiter fall in love with you!
1. Be prepared! Learn …………………………………….. about the company/ institution you are applying for: what is the nature of its business, what is its structure, who are you meeting with? Nothing will crash and burn you faster than not being informed enough about the nature of the business you are trying to get into. Being prepared shows your interest and commitment.
2. Know thyself! It sounds obvious but the best thing one can do is be well-aware of her own experience, qualities, and qualifications. Most of this information is already on your CV but you will be asked to explain ……………………………, e.g. a time you were pressed by a deadline, or short of resources. How did you manage to handle these exact situations?
3. Practice, practice, practice. It is slightly annoying but … it makes perfect! To avoid stage- fever, to boost your self-confidence, and leave nothing to chance ……………………………………. answering all the most popular interview questions.

2. Mark the statements T for true and F for false.

  1. Not being informed enough about the company you are applying for is not a big disadvantage.
  2. Preparing to answer the most popular questions will boost your self-confidence.
  3. Most recruiters think that showing interest and commitment is slightly annoying.
Grammar with Examples
Grammar B2 CEFR Level


1. Put the conversation in order.

  1. Greg: Sure, I will be happy to answer.
  2. Savana: Definitely, it can be considered as a positive trait. But why do you want to leave your current company?
  3. Savana: Hi, Greg. My name is Savana. I am going to ask you a few quick questions before you start the language test.
  4. Savana: Firstly, could you tell me more about your strengths and weaknesses?
  5. Greg: It is a nice place but frankly, I do not get challenged anymore. I need an opportunity to show my potential. And one more thing: their bonus system is not good enough, even though it was generally a well-paid job.
  6. Greg: Well, I consider myself a very responsible person. I mange my time and tasks well, and always meet the deadlines. In terms of my weaknesses, well, I tend to be a stickler but this can be a good thing too.

2.Write the opposite words.

  1. quick-witted
  2. absent-minded
  3. warm-hearted


1. Role Play: Student A is the interviewer. Student B is the interviewee applying for the position of Customer Service Specialist at a local bank. Student A, ask your partner 5 questions.