B1 ESL Lesson Plan – Linking Words – Arts And Media

B1 ESL Lesson Plan on Linking Words with target English vocabulary Arts and Media
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Linking Words for Cause, Effect, and Contrast – B1 English Lesson Plan

Lesson Goals: At the end of this lesson students will learn important linking words suitable for this level as well as English vocabulary on arts and media.
Target Grammar: Linking words for cause, effect, and contrast
Target Vocabulary: Arts and Media

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1. Complete the texts below with words from the box. Do not use all the words.

article, blog, act (perform), the news, exhibition, thriller, romantic, entertainment, designer, advert, documentary, live (performance), director, video clip, movie, TV series
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Last Friday a friend of mine and I went to see a ……….. I usually like ……….. comedies but this time we chose something completely different. My friend had read in a movie ………… a post about a …………. that was apparently quite interesting. And so it was. The action was divided into three different stories: a serial killer, who was convicted, managed to escape from prison; an aging movie ………. trying to rediscover himself working on a …………; and a young journalist trying to write a break-through ………..

2. Listen to Geogina’s talk about her experience. Fill in the table with the connecting words.

I adore fashion, I live for making clothes. Therefore, it surprised no one when I decided to study at a fashion school, and hopefully become a designer one day. Although I studied really hard, and was practicing pattern- making very hard, I did not seem to be making any progress. As a result, I got really discouraged.
One day, at the end of my second semester at fashion school, I met Monique, an exchange student from France. We became great friends because she taught me to enjoy life and believe in myself. And then the creativity just started showing up in my work.
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  • Cause
  • Effect
  • Contrast
  • Grammar Box:

Linking words are used to explain relationships between ideas/ sentences. The most common linking words show the following:

  • Cause
  • Contrast
  • Effect
because, due to but, although, however as a result, therefore, so


1.Complete the sentences adding the most appropriate linking word.

Darren invited me to his exhibition next week, ………… the fact we had a big argument on Monday.
She’s a talented and hard-working actress. ……….. she receives a lot of job offers.
……….. Jan’s performance was incredible, he did not get an award for it.

  • A
  • B
What Women Want is the best romantic animation technology.
I find reality TV comedy I have ever seen.
They used the latest 3D expensive movie soundtrack ever.
That song turned out to be the most formats uninteresting.


1. Prepare a five-minute long oral presentation on your favorite movie/ TV show (TV series).

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  • Please note, this is the free version of the lesson. You can:
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