B1 English Lesson Plan – Question Tags – Looks

ESL and EFL teachers - B1 Intermediate English Lesson Plan - Question Tags - Look s and Make up

ESL/ EFL Intermediate Lesson Plan: Question Tags; Looks

Lesson Functions: Question Tags
Target Vocabulary: Looks
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1. Listen to the text. Fill in the blanks.

How have you been this past week? Well, since I got a lot of ___________, and ideas for ‘How to’
videos for today, I was wondering for some time which topic to choose. Some of you wanted advice on smart __________, but most of you preferred an emphasis on the make-up tips ______ ______. What I chose, eventually, is to do a tutorial about the classic smoky eye. Most of you have tried this look, haven’t you? It is _______ _______ _______, though. I’ll try to guide you step by step on how to make a sexy smoky eye.

1. Apply a thick line of black liner along the upper lash line. To soften it, apply black powder eye
shadow on ________.


2. Listen to the text again. Mark T for True and F for False.

  1. Many people requested a sewing tutorial.
  2. Some people want to know which hair-cuts are fashionable.
  3. This is a step by step guide of how to get the smoky eye.


  • Grammar Box:

What are Question Tags?
They are short questions that we put at the end of the sentence, usually in spoken language.
ESL EFL Lesson Plan B1 Intermediate Question Tags
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1. Make question tags from the statements:

  1. She should be more careful when exercising.
  2. This is the best nail polish for the price.
  3. Mariah made me a gorgeous French braid.

2. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb:

  1. That bald guy over there is your son-in-law, ________ he?
  2. Since she has diabetes, she must be watching her weight, and diet, ________ she?
  3. Tinna wasn’t very good at putting make-up on, ________ she?


1. Make five question tags using some of the words from the box.

mustn’t | should | isn’t | is | does | do | didn’t | must | are | aren’t | was | hasn’t

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