A2 Lower Intermediate English Lesson Plan – Phrasal Verbs – Work and Daily Activities

ESL/ EFL A2 Lower Intermediate English Lesson Plan

Lesson Functions: Phrasal Verbs
Target Vocabulary: Work and Daily Activities

7 pages (cover and credits page included) ready to print and go:


1. Listen to the text. Fill in the blanks.

(Voice Message)
Hi, Amy. It’s mom. Listen, our car broke down. Sorry, but you have to go to your Spanish
__________ by bus today.
So, at 4.45 go to the bus stop __________ the street. Get on the 24 bus at 4.48. Get off the
bus 15 __________ later at Katy’s Flower Shop, which is near your friend Loren’s house,
you know the __________.
Don’t __________ to pick up your aunt’s cat from her place after the lesson.

2. Mark T for True and F for False.

  1. Amy’s mother called to tell her that their car broke.
  2. Amy must take the bus to go to her Spanish lesson.
  3. The bus she must take is 24.

3. From the text above find the phrasal verbs and write them down in the box below.

1__________2__________ 3__________ 4__________
  • Grammar Box:

Phrasal verbs consist of a verb and one or more prepositions. The meaning of phrasal verbs is often different from the meaning of the verb alone.

1. Some phrasal verbs do not need an object.

A2 lower Intermediate English Lesson Plan - Phrasal Verbs - Grammar - Phrasal Verbs that do not need an object
A2 lower Intermediate English Lesson Plan - Phrasal Verbs - Grammar - Phrasal Verbs that need an object

2. Some phrasal verbs need an object.


1. Match the phrasal verbs in Column A with their meanings in Column B.

                       Column A                   Column B
wake upto collect someone/something
get upto stop working (for example a machine)
break downto get out of bed
pick upto stop sleeping

2. Use the words from the boxes to complete the sentences. (May be used more than once.)

verbs: wake | get | pick | look          prepositions: up | on | out | off
  1. I ________ at 6.30 every morning to get ready and go to work.
  2. My sister is leaving for Spain. I have to _____________ her two dogs while she’s gone.
  3. When you _______ the bus, cross the street and turn left. My house is around the


1. Write a small text (5-6 sentences) about your day. Include the following phrasal verbs: