Going to + Infinitive English Lesson Plan (A2)

Going To + Infinitive English Lesson Plan

Going to + Inf. English Lesson Plan – Planning My Weekend (A2)

Lesson Goals: At the end of this English lesson, the students should be able to use “be going to” in order to make plans and predictions.

Target Grammar: be going to+infinitive (usage: intention, prediction)
Target Vocabulary: leisure/ weekend activities


1. Listen to the text and fill in the blanks.

Or use the video we’ve created – the text is slightly different

My ………. and I are going to have the most amazing weekend together! We are going to see …………………..and eat out on Friday evening. Then, on …………we are going to make some sandwiches and go on a picnic …………………………….. I love the trees in spring. The weather is going to be ………..and warm. I am going to ………………………… and relax. On Sunday, I am going to work out, and ……………… is going to surf the internet. After that, we are going to rent a ……… and spend the evening at home.

2. Mark the statements T for true, F for false.

  1. My sister is going to surf the internet on Sunday.
  2. The weather is going to be very cold.
  3. I am not going to relax, because I will be very busy.
  4. We are going to make some sandwiches and go to the park.
  5. I am going to spend Sunday evening at home.
  6. We are not going to eat out on Friday evening.

3. Match the questions with the answers.

  1. Are you going to visit your grandfather on Sunday?
  2. Who is Ann going to invite to her party?
  3. When is it going to stop raining?
  4. Are you going to go camping with Christina?
  5. Who, do you think, is going to win?
  6. What is Manolo going to pack for the trip?
c) The Tigers. They are the best.
b) No, I visited him last weekend.
d) John, Ben, and Mariko.
f) Yes, I promised her.
a) I guess next week.e) He will bring a tent for sure.

Grammar Box

We use To be+going to+Verb (inf.) when:1. we want to talk about a planned action for the future.

E.g. I am going to visit you on Wednesday.

2. we are making a prediction.

E.g. It’s really cold. I’m sure it is going to snow tomorrow.


1. Rewrite the sentences.

E.g. I will visit my grandfather on Sunday. = I am going to visit my grandfather on Sunday.
  1.  I will play chess with my friend Manolo next Monday.
  2.  My father will take my little sister to the doctor tomorrow.
  3.  My brother and I will travel to Europe next month.
  4.  My friends will go to the dance club without me.
  5.  We will buy a new house next year.
  6.  My grandmother will read me a bedtime story before I go to bed.
  7.  David’s teacher will take the class to the park for a lesson.
  8. Marina will paint a very beautiful picture with flowers.

2. Complete the sentences with the phrases from the box.

on / the weekend / birthday party / going to go / buy her a present / concert ticket

Silvia is a university student. During the week she studies very hard. ……………… she usually does something fun. Next Saturday is her birthday. She is going to have a ……………….. and is going to invite all her friends. Usually, she likes camping but this time they are ………….. dancing because the weather is going to get colder. On Friday Silvia’s friends are going to …………… She likes music, so a ……………… will be a good idea.

3. Underline the correct verb phrase.

  1. Sofia is going/ are going to go shopping on Sunday.
  2. My parents is going/ are going to visit me tomorrow.
  3. They is going/ are going to go camping this summer.
  4. It is going to/ are going to get warmer.
  5. We is going/ are going to invite many people to our party.
  6. The snow am going to/ is going to continue over a week.
  7. I is going/ am going to play tennis the day after tomorrow.
  8. Sue and Ivan am going/ are going to go skiing this winter.
  9. Paula am going/ is going to start swimming lessons.
  10. It is going to/ am going to rain tomorrow.



1. Check the pictures. Make predictions.

Going to + Inf - Predictions

2. Write down your plans for the weekend in five sentences.

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